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Tom Lydon

Chief Investment Officer

(212) 255-2900

Tom Lydon, Chief Investment Officer of Madison Marquette, is responsible for the day to day oversight of our investment team and their respective verticals.

Tom has served as an Advisory Board member of Madison Marquette since 2015 and brings unique insight into the performance and evolution of the company. In addition, he is a respected industry leader who brings decades of experience leading institutional investment organizations.

Most recently, Tom served 13 years as President of The City Investment Fund, a New York City-based investment firm established with Fisher Brothers and Morgan Stanley Real Estate as co-general partners. He previously served as President and Chief Executive Officer of SSR Realty Advisors, a private real estate Institutional Investment Advisor. Currently, he is a director of Broadshore Capital Partners, where he serves as a member of the audit and compensation committees. In addition, Tom serves as the Lead Independent Director of Broadtree Residential and serves as a member of the audit committee.

Mr. Lydon holds a B.B.A. in Real Estate from Syracuse University.