Acquiring and repositioning properites.

Lemonade is our Surplus Retail Property Acquisition Program. It allows corporate sellers to remain focused on their core business with the confidence that we have the commitment and resources to successfully reposition their former properties. In general, we seek portfolios of 5-50 properties at a time across the U.S. of vacant or soon to be vacant corporate owned properties that are single-tenant stand-along retail uses.


We offer a unique package of benefits that address challenges corporations face when trying to sell a large number of vacant properties that allows us to evaluate and close on a bulk transaction in less than 90 days.

  • Pricing is determined up front to prevent accounting concerns
  • Condensed closing timeline since we do not seek building-related permits or zoning approvals
  • Commitment to purchase all vacant properties - no cherry picking
  • Mitigated ongoing holding costs associated with maintaining vacant properties
  • Single point of contact at Madison Marquette to ensure commitments are met
  • Predictable and cost-effective closing with all-cash equity, and no debt financing to reduce transaction costs

Lemonade Team


Robert M. Seldin
Managing Principal Madison Highland Live/Work Lofts



Vince Costantini
Chief Executive Officer


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