Healthcare / Medical

Innovative Real Estate Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Madison Marquette is capable of developing innovative real estate for healthcare providers and senior living operators. Our expertise helps reduce costs and creates value for assets such as medical office buildings, outpatient facilities, acute care hospitals, post-acute care facilities, as well as Independent, Assisted, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing.

The healthcare and medical-related real estate sector requires a specialized skill set and expertise because owning and operating facilities are complex and challenging. Madison Marquette brings a team with decades of experience developing and operating facilities in this asset class. That positions us to better guide the strategies of investors, developers and operators across the wide range of properties.

Madison Marquette understands the market and complex demands of the product type. We can help investors and operators capitalize on opportunities because we have experience developing healthcare and medical office facilities, thus intimately know the intricacies of the asset class. Our team has a firm grasp of the healthcare ecosphere – both from a regulatory, operational and a care perspective. Madison Marquette offers experts in all categories of the sector who are familiar with investment and operational nuances of the sector’s subdivisions, which allows clients to focus on delivering care while we handle the real estate aspects for them.


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