Meeting the Challenges of a High Demand Asset Class

The industrial sector has emerged as a dominant asset class within the commercial real estate industry. Our understanding of this sector allows Madison Marquette to guide the development of speculative business parks and build-to-suit facilities including distribution and manufacturing buildings for nationally-recognized brands and investors.

Clearly, e-commerce has been the key driver behind the increase in industrial sector demand over the past decade. This rise has been fueled by a host of factors including technology – both in distribution and supply chain networks – as well as the smart phones in consumers hands. Madison Marquette has closely tracked and adjusted to consumer buying preferences, mainly because our foundation was as a retail developer and owner/manager. As online retail has emerged the shift has benefitted industrial developers, owners and investors.

That change has created new demand for industrial space, from large distribution and fulfillment centers to smaller “last-mile” urban infill facilities. The industrial and e-commerce sectors continue to find the most efficient ways to get products into customers hands. We are experienced advisors to clients regarding viable site selection, optimum facility size, complex supply chain logistics networks, and tenant demand for facilities that generate revenue and meet operational efficiencies.


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