Senior Living

Advice Across Asset Types

The senior living sector is expected to continue rising in prominence as the Baby Boomer generation transitions into a new phase of life. Madison Marquette understands how to deliver a property that meets seniors' active and changing lifestyles.

Madison Marquette is ready for the coming “Silver Tsunami,” when the seniors housing market experiences a dramatic demographic shift as the Baby Boomer population swells. By 2030, when the giant wave of boomers reaches its zenith, the population of those 65 and older will be 106.8 million, compared with 33.5 million in 1995. Couple that with advances in medicine that continues to extend life spans, and the need for seniors housing clearly evident in the coming years – for the right projects.

Senior living facility investors, owners/operators or developers who understand the market and complex demands of the product type stand to benefit from this demand. To capitalize on opportunities, they will need partners who have experience developing senior facilities, intimately know the intricacies of the asset class, as well as the healthcare ecosphere – both from a regulatory, operational and a care perspective. Madison Marquette offers experts in the three main senior housing categories of independent living, assisted living, and acute care. We are also familiar with investment and operational nuances of the subdivisions within the sector that are aligned with the amount and types of assistance, care, or medical services provided. We can help guide clients to properties that help them control costs and deliver a facility that appeals to residents from a design, amenity and price point consideration.


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