Student Housing

Expertise for Emerging Property Segment

The student housing sector requires a full range of specialized expertise to meet the growing needs of universities and student residents. Our comprehensive approach starts with the initial land acquisition milestone and continues through the development phase to produce optimum environments for university life and student living.

There is no question housing for students attending college has emerged as an important commercial real estate sector in the U.S. The asset class is appealing because universities are experiencing high levels of enrollment and there has been limited new supply delivered to keep up with demand. The privately-owned student housing rental market has matured from a niche sector to a significant institutional market with a 20-year investment history through both privately held and publicly traded companies.

Madison Marquette’s student housing experts closely track shifts from both the demand and supply side as student diversity and growth patterns emerge, as well as the evolution in building formats and amenities residents seek. We are helping guide institutional-caliber projects that appeal to investors and those who live in the properties. Opportunities exist in this sector as the market moves from non-institutional owners of small properties to larger entities that control portfolios of student housing assets.


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