Washington, DC
Robert Seldin
Managing Principal, Madison Highland Live/Work Lofts
Investment Management

Robert Seldin, Managing Principal of Madison Highland Live/Work Lofts, is responsible for leading all development, investment and day to day activities of the platform. With 25 years of award-winning apartment and live/work development, design, strategy and innovation, Rob is a widely recognized industry thought leader. Having achieved a 100% entitlement success rate on over 14,000 residential units in high-barrier US markets, Rob’s developments consistently generate market leading returns at below market costs. Rob is the US Patent Inventor for a proprietary live/work building conversion and construction method that is the basis for the industry re-defining Live/Work Loft asset type. Prior to establishing Madison Highland Live/Work Lofts, Rob was the Founder and CEO of Highland Square Holdings, a leading Live/Work developer. Rob is also the former CEO of Novus Residences, LLC; an award winning, DC based, apartment and Live/Work development and operating company and Head of National Product Design and Senior Vice President of Development for Archstone, a premier apartment industry REIT.

Rob earned a Master of Architecture from Georgia Tech and a Bachelors of Urban Studies and Planning from the State University of New York at Albany. When not reimagining what is possible in multi-family housing, Rob enjoys exercise and reading, is a grateful husband and the father of three terrific and spirited daughters.


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