Value Creation Spans the Residential Spectrum

The team at Madison Marquette has capabilities to create value across the multifamily housing spectrum from market rate, affordable and senior housing assets. We are able to source, secure funding, manage and lease properties, as well as guide owners to an eventual exit strategy.

The apartment sector has risen in prominence as an institutional-grade asset class among large public REIT, pension fund, or insurance company investors. The multifamily sector largely hinges its prospects on job growth, the high cost of single-family housing, and overall economic conditions. Given those evolving variables, Madison Marquette understands multifamily investors, developers and owners must weigh their activities based on demand that could lead them to consider both primary, secondary or tertiary markets.

Our experts understand how to craft strategies for investors seeking yield across various assets from core to value-add. And we know why certain markets stand a better chance of delivering value because we closely track market fundamentals, economic, job, and supply factors, as well as issues such as rent control or regulations that impact client decisions. Madison Marquette’s team is adept at securing capital from across the stack for investment, development or property repositionings, including from GSE’s, as well as banks, pension funds, sovereign funds, insurance companies, CMBS lenders and private investors.

We know property operations and leasing must work in tandem with ownership to achieve the investment goals. That starts with bringing occupancy to maximum levels and maintaining high tenant satisfaction results. Our teams focus on operating properties efficiently and recommending preventative maintenance measures or improvements to add value and capture rental income. When an investor decides to divest an asset, Madison Marquette guides the process from marketing, due diligence, analyzing buyer profiles, purchase financing and sale closing.


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