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Carlos Achá

Vice President of Information Technology

Heather Almond

Executive Vice President, Retail Services

Amy Seldin

Vice President, Madison Highland Live/Work Lofts

Josh Anderson

Principal, Investments and Advisory

Paula Boyles

Director of Communications

David Brainerd

Principal, Investment Management

Merle Brann, III

Principal, Investment Management – Retail and Mixed-Use

Dave Brown

Head of Specialty Leasing

Jon Carrasco

Director, Data Analytics

Julie Chase

Director, Corporate Solutions

Peter Cole

Principal, Investment Management, Retail and Mixed-Use

Steve Corridan

Co-Chief Investment Officer

Vince Costantini

Chief Executive Officer

John Dailey

Executive Vice President, Managing Director Investment Management

Donna DiPesso

Senior Director, Leasing

Jim Evans

Principal, Investments and Advisory

Gavin Farnam

President, Retail Services

Nichole Flippen, Esq.

Associate General Counsel

Jon Flood

Director, Investment Management

John-david W. Franklin

Senior Vice President, Leasing, CRX CLS

Kevin Galligan

Director, Investment Management

Gary Ball

Senior Vice President, Senior Director of Construction

Tom Gilmore

Principal, Investment Management Retail & Mixed Use

Amer Hammour

Executive Chairman

Nigel Keenan

Principal, Investment Management, Housing

Rick Kirk

Principal, Investment Management – Office and Healthcare

Tori Lambert

Chief Financial Officer

Stacy Langston

Vice President, Administration Asset Services

Lindsey King

Director, Corporate Solutions

Marilyn Lucas

Executive Vice President, Managing Director, Asset Management

Robert Marona

Senior Vice President, Leasing

Meghann Martindale

Head of Retail Research

Dan McCahan

Chief Operating Officer

Michelle Meissner

Vice President, Human Resources

Dave Milstead

Project Manager

Mike Muller

Executive Vice President, Office Property Accounting

Patty Nooney

Executive Vice President, Director of Operations, East

David Patalita

Senior Director of Construction

Claire Pybus

Director, Asset Management

Robert Seldin

Managing Principal, Madison Highland Live/Work Lofts

Scott Lanz

Executive Vice President, Construction, Madison Highland Live/Work Lofts

Carla Snyder

Vice President, Marketing Services, Retail

Steve Toppel

Executive Vice President, Leasing & West Operations

Lee Utke

Principal, Corporate Solutions

Jay Valenta

Director, Investment Management

Fernando Vazquez

Chief Operating Officer, Asset Services

Rocell “Rocky” Viniard

Vice President - Marketing, Retail Services

Whitney Williams

Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Richard Wolf

Senior Vice President, Leasing

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